Friday, July 18, 2008


Just finished reading LKH blog. I know she wasn't writing directly to me, but it sure felt like it. She was discussing writing habits and her advice for first time writers is to finish a first draft before you go back and edit. She also mentioned that a lot of first time writers get so caught up in perfecting the first few chapters of a book that they never finish. Until recently, this was what I was doing. It's such a relief to have my new habits validated by someone with so many published books under their belt. Not just published books, but really, really good published books.

I was beginning to feel really burned out last night when I went to bed. I'm still not sure I want to write anything on Sidney today, but reading this post has made me know I have to keep going. I feel so strongly that at last I might be able to finally finish a whole work. Right now, that is the goal I am aiming for. Simply to finish. Whatever else comes after this will be delicious buttercream icing, but for now I have to aim for finishing. At this moment, I feel like I'm stuck in a mire, with mud squishing and sucking at my feet. The solid ground is there, and it's not that far away. I just have to take it slow and squish my way over to it, being careful not to sink deeper into the nastiness.

Twilight came in to the library for me, finally. I think I'm going to clean some this morning and go pick it up. We also have friends coming over this evening to watch Batman Begins before we go see Dark Knight on Monday at the IMAX. I think today I'm just going to let my mind have a rest, focus on other things and try to come back strong tomorrow.

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