Thursday, August 21, 2008


The past two weeks have been hectic to say the least. I am getting to
know my new co-teacher VERY well. We are having a blast--probably too
much fun, actually... Everything is ready for the kids and Open House
went about as well as could be expected. There were a few criers, but
they will make it through. I think sometimes it's harder on the
parents than the kids. Most of the time you can tell the clingy
parents lead to crying kids.

I haven't had much chance for writing at all, but I got an outline
started and a good solid chapter one finished, so that's a start on
draft 1.5 (I'm calling it that because I haven't exactly finished the
first draft all the way through yet). I also started the re-write of
chapter two. Didn't get far, but I started--that's the key.

I think focusing on other things this week was probably a good thing
as I was really close to Sidney burn-out. Now I am rested and wanting
to write, and that is a good feeling.

Tomorrow is Mamma Mia! again with the teachers. I'm excited. This time
I know all the songs--I'm no longer a Mamma Mia! virgin--and I'll be
able to sing along at least until I get smacked or kicked out...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Worn Out

I am so tired. 

I have been to school every day this week for meetings and shopping, and everything else. Okay, so today is only Tuesday, but that's how out of it I am. It feels like it should be Friday or something. Yesterday (Monday?) I met up with my new co-teacher and the head teacher for the 3's. We ate at Applebee's and went back to school to make lists of what all we needed to get and to have done before orientation. We are doing a doggy theme and our class mascot is named Brownie. He has one brown ear and a brown tail. I adore him.  Java is going nutters trying to get at him, but I put him way up on the top shelf over the tv so he won't be destroyed. 

My co-teacher and I had a blast going to Build-A-Bear  to pick him out. I think we were worse than the kids in there, gushing over the cute clothes. The amount of clothes and accessories in that place is insane. We probably would have spent loads of money if we hadn't stopped when we did. As it is, Brownie got a new pair of Batman pajamas, a Falcons sweatshirt, a pair of cool black sunglasses, and a dog carrier to ride in when the kids take him home. The idea is that Brownie will go home with a different child every day, as long as that particular child behaves properly in class. If they don't, then they lose the turn until next time. Brownie will also keep a journal of his adventures sleeping over at each child's house throughout the year. 

No writing today. What a bummer. I have really been in the mood these past few days. It's like an itch I can't scratch....