Thursday, August 21, 2008


The past two weeks have been hectic to say the least. I am getting to
know my new co-teacher VERY well. We are having a blast--probably too
much fun, actually... Everything is ready for the kids and Open House
went about as well as could be expected. There were a few criers, but
they will make it through. I think sometimes it's harder on the
parents than the kids. Most of the time you can tell the clingy
parents lead to crying kids.

I haven't had much chance for writing at all, but I got an outline
started and a good solid chapter one finished, so that's a start on
draft 1.5 (I'm calling it that because I haven't exactly finished the
first draft all the way through yet). I also started the re-write of
chapter two. Didn't get far, but I started--that's the key.

I think focusing on other things this week was probably a good thing
as I was really close to Sidney burn-out. Now I am rested and wanting
to write, and that is a good feeling.

Tomorrow is Mamma Mia! again with the teachers. I'm excited. This time
I know all the songs--I'm no longer a Mamma Mia! virgin--and I'll be
able to sing along at least until I get smacked or kicked out...

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