Monday, March 23, 2009

Hey, I Remembered to Blog!

Summary of my day:

Kids sucked.

Heroes sucked.

Castle is a relief, but it probably won't last long because I like it and it's a smart show. Smart shows just don't seem to make it these days. What a shame. I miss Pushing Daisies.

Went to library this afternoon and wrote 1,687 words on the Sidney sequel. Yay!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Good Gravy

Has it seriously been so long since I've posted?

It figures.

I fizzled out on this just like everything else. This blog is like a fresh soda that's been opened and promptly forgotten. Sigh.

So, I guess I could sit here and try to list all of the things that have been going on since August 2008, but that would be painfully boring and frankly, I'd rather not dredge it all up. Let it suffice to say that I've been wrapped up in all things pre-school, dealing with 16 little rugrats who can get the most spectacular blank look in their eyes when you ask them to do anything at all. 

There's no telling what's going on in those miniature brains of theirs when their eyes glass over that way, but I have to say, wherever they slip off to looks like a much better place than I end up when I get to the end of the school day and realize I've said "Be Quiet" more times than any human ever should have to say it in a stretch of 5 hours.  It should be added into the rules of the Geneva Convention as a method of torture, similar to water-boarding.

While the school year has been truly maddening and exhausting, I have actually made some progress on my writing. The whole plot is out there on notecards and I've gotten to my familiar speed bump of: Now that I know what happens, I'm bored and want to move on to something else. Only, the story hasn't been written out yet.  So, now that I'm aware of this, and I know that it's a problem, perhaps I can do something about it.  That something would be to actually write the whole thing. Yeah. 

I can't even keep up with a blog. How the hell am I supposed to finish an entire novel? Good gravy...