Friday, May 25, 2012

Another Vlog! or Query Karaoke

As it turns out, this vlogging thing is kind of addictive. Who knew? This is the one where I discuss a few random facts about myself and tell a story about my first query and singing karaoke in front of the cast and crew of the film Hall Pass


Darci Cole said...

This is so true it's ridiculous. I've been a singer much longer than I've been a writer, and I know the fear that most people feel when they get up to perform (or even more so after they've done it). And I can definitely say that I'm feelin' it as I gear up to query. I keep thinking my MS is done, but then I realize it's not, revise, revise, revise... I want to query, but I'm so scared! Gaaahhh!!

*cute baby bump, btw! I'll vlog soon :-)*

Krista Walsh said...

Fantastic! So many good points, so many great stories. I was hoping you'd throw some of those famous-people anecdotes into your vlog; the written versions are such a blast. It was lovely to meet the peanut-bump! And, having read your ms, it is AWESOME and it's just a matter of time, lovely :D