Friday, June 4, 2010


Okay, let me amend that... this will be my Blog Every OTHER day in the Month of June mission.... as I am too lame to be blogging EVERY DAY apparently.  I suppose my goals were too lofty. It seems I should start at more of a power walk around the mall, rather than try to sprint a mile straight out.

Speaking of sprinting... I have BIG NEWS!  This morning I went to the gym and I ran a MILE on the treadmill. A whole mile. Without stopping. Seriously. This is quite a huge deal for me, because I have always been one of those people who just did NOT run. At all. Even if something was on fire, I would only go at a fast walk. If somebody told me my house was about to blow up, I'd opt to jump out a window before I'd run downstairs. I was the kid in high school gym class who kept a close eye on the gym teacher and only start up a slow jog when he looked in my direction. Mr. Taylor even had to get on my case because I "ran" a 20 minute mile. Well, guess what Mr. Taylor-- I did it in 12:35! WOOO!

Husband: You owe me a prize for this. I don't care what. Just something nice.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you about another exciting thing I did the other day, back when I was supposed to do another blog and did not. Sorry. I was tired when I got home. Tired from belly dancing class.

You read that correctly: Belly. Dancing.

It turns out I am just as uncoordinated as I originally imagined. But I had a blast. I don't know if any of you out there know anything at all about belly dancing, but it takes practice, let me tell ya... The key is to move your upper body completely independently from your lower body. It's kind of like the advanced version of rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time. Crazy. I do intend to practice though, and definitely intend to continue with the classes. My commitment is so high, in fact, that I purchased one of those coin wrap thingies to tie around my waist. It makes my booty jingle when I shimmy. It is purple with gold coins and completely fabulous. I even have a flowy silk skirt that I fully intend to wear next week despite the fact that my friend called me a "poseur" when I said I was going to wear it. It's really not my fault that belly dancing just looks cooler in a flowy silk skirt. Hehe, she's just jealous :)

Today--after I ran a mile and achieved TMF (total muscle failure) twice, yah, twice-- I came home to take a shower and change clothes, then went straight back out to go to a Garden Party that one of the families in our class was throwing for all the teachers the kids had this year. It was such a kind thing for them to invite us into their gorgeous home and give us such a special treat!

The kids made all the food! On the menu was chicken salad croissants, with fruit salad and potato chips. For dessert we had a spectacular yellow cake with mandarin oranges and pineapple icing. I thought I was going to pass out from delight. After we ate, my co-teacher and I ended up playing with our little friend in her room. She had a collection of My Little Ponies that I would have gladly handed over an arm and a leg for when I was her age. We took out every single one of them, did their hair, and got them dressed for the ball that they were all going to that evening...

I think they look fantastic, don't you?  

Once the ponies were all ready for their ball, we had to leave, but not before our dear friend showed us just how fast her "Fast Shoes" were. They are pink with sparkles and glitter, and they made her go so fast she ran up and down the street in front of her house while we watched. After all that, she must have gotten worn out, because her mom just sent me a message to let me know she's been asleep since we left. So cute. We plan on going out for a sushi date soon.

Tonight, I hope to get something written. Besides a blog. I have two things in mind, so... we'll see. But, it IS Friday.... sooo... keep your fingers crossed on that one....

Ciao for now!


Holley said...

congrats on running the mile! Coming from another non-runner, i know it's a huge feat.
I used to have quite a collection of My Little Ponies myself. (Wonder where they are??) Anyway, I'm slightly amazed at the fact that they are still a desirable toy to collect.

Sarah L. Blair said...

they came back around again! but they're a little different than in our day... the eyes are kind of huge and weird.

Sarah L. Blair said...
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