Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Same Page

I caught up on my dear friend Kelli's blog today and discovered we are in a very similar place in our lives. Both feeling like girls who want to be Women (note the capital 'W' there).  She mentioned she would be able to get way more done by waking up at 5 a.m. and I concur. How great would it be to have that quiet time in the morning to write and exercise, to nurse a delicious cup of hot coffee and make a wholesome breakfast to treat my body properly?  

Like Kelli, I've been questioning my role as Woman and Wife lately. I want desperately to be a good Wife to my husband, but have no idea how to go about doing so.  Am I supposed to be a June Cleaver type with the vacuum and the pearls? Have everything sparkling, and a gourmet meal on the table promptly at 5? Is that normal or completely insane? Is Martha Stewart really happy?

Not to mention, how do I find the balance between Wife and Woman? What about my dreams as Writer?  How can I fit all of these personas into one 24 hour day?  Is 5 a.m. the answer to it all?

I called Kelli after I read her blog and we made a pact. We're going to encourage each other to pull off this 5 a.m. plan. The problem is, we both like sleeping in WAY too much. And on rainy mornings like today, it's so much more fulfilling to roll over and snuggle my body up against my warm, softly snoring husband, to feel my little dog cuddle up against my chest and sigh that deep sigh which can only come from a creature who is perfectly content. 

Aren't those the moments most worth it?  

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